Creative production

Feature update: Improved InDesign plugin

Our InDesign plugin for ADPOINT has new features to help print creative production flow even quicker

The newest version of the InDesign plugin for ADPOINT 7.11 makes the print production even easier. Now all ressources for producers and artists are available from inside InDesign.

Adding to the list of assets, the plugin panel now even includes all annotations mapped to the exact spot where they were placed by the customer or the internal proofers. As InDesign users moves through annotations, they mark them completed to unclutter the design and they can even go back to review annotations from previous versions.

Production notes, composite ads and assets are still nicely organized for instant access with well-known drag and drop features and instant updates.

All connected assets are nicely listed with quick search features and filters. They can be brought to the canvas by drag and drop.

Annotations are listed with a clear mapping to the actual placement on the canvas. As annotations are reviewed, they can be marked for a quick overview.

Feature summary

  • Export to ADPOINT as PDF using standard or customized joboptions.
  • Keep track of any version of the InDesign file, and re-activate previous versions.
  • Drag and drop assets assigned to the order or customer directly from the ADPOINT palette within InDesign
  • Search for assets and review their usage history
  • Drag and drop composite creatives (subject to availability in order-data)
  • Review annotations and notes from all versions and mark as completed as you progress
  • Lock production orders that are being edited
  • Open orders from a general or customer specific template library
  • Open orders in read-only mode.

Technical requirements

  • Runs with ADPOINT 7.11’s HTML interface
  • Supports InDesign CC2016 and newer

How to get it

You can download the new InDesign plugin and find installation instructions on our download pages.

Please check requirements to ensure compatibility with your system.

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